Letter dated 02/14/06 from Hilling to her brother Richard Coleman:  
This letter was rewritten by Richard Coleman’s cellmate, Warren Blake, and sent to the Prosecution. The original was never recovered.

Peanut [Nina Jefferson] didn't know that was going to shoot the girl. It just happen and it was crazy.” 

“I wasn’t going to tell anyone about the murder. But after I heard that Mega bitch ass [Ha’son] snitched on me, I gave a statement stating that I shot the girl and he helped clean up my mess. So, yes I lied me and Peanut gave a statement stating that Mega shot the girl and cut her head arms and legs off while she was burning. And that he made me help him dig the hole.”

"But like I said everything will workout has long as me and Peanut keep our stories. Love always Lil Mama [Danielle Hilling]"